We provide systems architecture design, software development and data science services.

Hi! I’m Brian – a software engineer and manager with demonstrated experience leading teams that deliver novel high-impact solutions for clients in the emerging technology sector.

I specialize in designing and building scalable distributed systems with uncompromising privacy and security. Do you need help with your cloud transformation? Let me help with the technical problems and level up your team.

I’m based in Christchurch NZ, often working remotely. I regularly visit clients in both Sydney and Canberra.

Whether you need a few hours or a few months, if you’re interested in discussing my availability please get in touch by emailing brian@hardbyte.nz


  • Cloud native Software Architecture and development
  • Machine learning and privacy preserving software design and development
  • Rapid software prototype development
  • Production software development
  • DevOps (e.g. Kubernetes via Terraform, helm package creation)
  • Migrations to Azure, AWS and GCP

Workshops and Courses

  • Introduction to Programming in Python – multi day training course.
  • Python deep dive workshop – training course aimed at leveling up existing Python developers. Together we choose a couple of domains to spend time on e.g., modeling, machine learning/data science, web development, integration with other languages, testing, writing and packaging Python code for others.
  • Introduction to Julia – 1/2 day workshop aimed at teaching the Julia language to existing developers.